The Best Customer Service Habits

Every day you wake up and you have a routine and it gets done and does not get thought about why? Because it is a natural behavior that has turned to a habit and you do not need any motivation. For customer service/ support you need to do the same and turn behaviors to habits.

The Elements in a Habit

1) The Cue

This is the switch the body clock that tells the brain it is time to perform the habit and it starts with waking up.

2) The Routine

The way you carry out the routine is the behavior.

3) The Reward

This is what you get from the carrying out the behavior. In this case you feel fresh and clean because you woke up, to the shower etc., got dressed, had breakfast and went to work.

The focus for customer service/support is the cue and the reward.

The habits to start building are using the right language during an engagement with a customer, practicing good email techniques such as the customer name and who you are, being more productive such as to focus on one thing at a time.

Another thing to make a habit to regularly check for the need to update your online knowledge base as it is a helpful tool for the customers to help themselves. Remember it runs 24/7 to deliver the help like FAQ’s. The habit that is probably the best is update weekly.

Another habit that needs your attention is when you are replying to an email is use the customer’s name. To the customer it really is nice to read their name in the email as it is personal to them and that gives trust and they will like you. Here is a habit that will have the customer’s almost eating out of your hand send an email each day to one customer just to say thank you.

If you want to turn an action in to a routine you need to work on the habit with the cue and reward, eventually you will not think about it, it will just happen. Remember how you taught your cute little puppy to let you know he needed to go outside to do his business and when he finished and came back you gave him a treat well that is the habit.