To get customers to buy more products from a business their experience has to be beyond the very best. The idea to make the experience more than worthwhile is to have a personal relationship between the business and the customer and then they will return again and again. Email gives the personal touch for virtually free expense. Any business today that does not use the email system is losing money.

1) The Personal Touch with Leads and Customers

Gather as much personal details that make the business what it is today. Make the business above the rest in the same niche by not having minimal if not none at all advertising in the email that is sent to say “Thank you” or “Birthday Greetings”. These little things give the personal relations between the business and leads and customers.

2) How to use Products

Customers need to know how to use the products, if they don’t they will be more inclined to put the product to one side and forget about it. The use of the product is priority for the business as the customer will not buy the accessories or replacement parts. The business should make it known to the customers there are ways and means for them to see how to use the products.

3) Information on the Order Status and New Products

The business can get system triggers for automatic emails for orders and new products. This will keep the customer well informed and saves the time of them calling in to find out about what has happened to their products. And as for new products this can be set to the buying history of the customer.

4) Special Events

Any business can setup an app for the customers to remind them of their special events. Give the app a little addition of suggestions for gift and when it is best to order the gift.

5) Self Service Option

It is well known that customers like to try and resolve issues or problems by connecting to the self service center and with the call center as a last option. So for the business it is advisable to have it with as much information as possible and of course it is a saving in operation costs.

6) Automatic Ordering

Make ordering of products as easy as possible by possibly giving the option for automatic ordering. Inclusive in this should be confirmation of the order with updates on shipping, if it is nondurable goods or soft goods then have options for cancel or delay the delivery.

7) Share the News

A business should share information through email of upcoming products, new inventions or even trends that affect the customers of the products. This means the customer keeps the business in their minds.
All of these strategies should all be done through email and the customers and leads will be well informed and also are more than likely to pass the word to other people with their experiences.


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