SCENAR vs TENS: Identifying the differences


SCENAR – Self Controlled Electrical Neuro Adaptive Regulation

SCENAR devices are FDA-cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical and post traumatic pain.

Treatment and has been shown in most cases to permanently resolve pain

Waveform are designed to prevent habituation and accommodation for more effective pain management

SCENAR devices have high intensity, burst pulses and very low microcurrent for increased stimulation of neuropeptides

Current range: Microamps (10-6 microamps)

TENS  –  Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Simulation

Effectiveness often ends when treatment stops

User’s body often “gets used” to TENS stimuli. Effectiveness wanes off or eliminated after prolonged use

Low intensity, long duration pulses, higher current

Ampere range: Milliamps (10-3amps

Inexpensive from $40 with lots of 5 star reviews on Amazon

Messy sticky pads that have to be replaced




  Utilizes a unique waveform.  Pulsed, damped, sinusoidal and skin‐impedance sensitive.  High amplitude and very short pulse width of the wave form prevents accommodation’ by the body.   No two wave forms are the same.

TENS:   Wave forms are typically square, spiked or sine, and are repetitive.   No biofeedback,   so no detection of changed tissue impedance.


  Dynamic therapy. The device is moved over the skin in order to specifically find optimal treatment areas/points.

TENS:   Passive therapy.  Treatment is non‐specific.   Electrodes – usually gelled pads adhere to the skin.

SCENAR:   Unique and specific treatment process.  The unique SCENAR waveform uses biofeedback to detect areas of optimal treatment. SCENAR is applied directly to the skin without the use of pads or gels.  This allows the operator  to assess  the impedance of  the skin  to identify  and target  optimal treatment  points.

TENS:   Non‐specific treatment.    No biofeedback so no detection of changes in skin impedance.

SCENAR: The device is expensive. You pay a premium for the effectiveness and the long-term benefits of using microcurrent and its dynamic therapeutic properties.

TENS: It’s way cheaper than SCENAR. However, you will soon find out that the effects are as good as its price.

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